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Updated requirements for AMA Sanctioned Events

The AMA has revised the requirements concerning the operation of turbine-powered models, and aircraft that weigh more than 55-pounds.

Large Model Airplane Program

To fly a model airplane that weighs more than 55 pounds, the owner/pilot must have a permit to fly for that specific airplane from the AMA. A pilot shall have this document with him or her to present at check in. There is also a current listing of all pilots and their approved airplanes in the members-only documents section of the AMA website.

There are four categories of large model airplanes.

LMA-1 airplanes weigh between 55 and 77 pounds, with fuel, ready to fly.
LTMA-1 airplanes are powered by turbine engines and weigh between 55 and 77 pounds, with fuel, ready to fly.
LMA-2 airplanes weigh between 77 and 125 pounds, with fuel, ready to fly.
LTMA-2 airplanes are powered by turbine engines and weigh between 77 and 100 pounds, with fuel, ready to fly.

It is the responsibility of the Contest Director to verify that the pilot of these airplanes have the proper credentials to fly them.

Air Supremacy will be conducting LMA-1 inspections for a limited number of aircraft that need certification. You must contact us in advance to make arrangements for Wednesday afternoon or Thursday evening.

Turbine-Powered Aircraft
For an AMA member to fly a turbine-powered aircraft s/he must be an AMA Turbine Waiver holder. The Turbine Waiver is a process whereby members successfully perform a flying-skills test and are then recognized by AMA to have the ability to fly these types of models.

Identifying Turbine Waiver holders is done by examining the AMA member's membership card. The card will be endorsed with a turbine designation identification, e.g.: "Turbine Fixed." There is also a listing of Turbine Waiver holders available on the AMA website under the members-only documents section.

Pilots with turbine aircraft will be required to sign an additional validation on the AMA safety declaration at check in.

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