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“Thanks for inviting us to the show. I know how much work it is to stage an event. It takes months of planning and preparation. I especially appreciated the smooth, safe operation of the flight line.”
    Brian O’Meara – Pilot - Broomfield, Colorado

“Thank You for a great week again this year! … Appreciate the focus on “open flying” vs “noon show.” Flight line ops seemed easier and smoother this year - credit to standardized traffic control commands. The runway was perfect! Given the weather, being able to grab water at the pilot station was greatly appreciated."
    Joe Larson – Pilot - South Bend, Indiana

“Just wanted to drop you and everyone from the ASOG team a note that we had a great time …  The event ran smoothly from our point of view ...  The weather you planned for was spot on perfect.”
    Jack Kezelian – Pilot - Canton, Michigan

“Great show all around. The variety and quality of the aircraft at the show were outstanding.  The show was well organized and professional. I’m no expert but from a spectators view the operations on the flight line appeared competent and confident.  No one seemed confused or out of place. Good job!"
    Merle Mullet – Mullet’s Auto Sales – Event Sponsor
    Middlebury, Indiana